We do not know each other personally yet,  but since you are here, we believe we have  a bit in common. We love travelling, meeting new people and most improtantly enjoying our holidays to the max. This includes a lovely place to stay and local tips on what to do and so on.

If that sounds like a fit, we would be  honoured to host you in our place. But before that, we are offering a couple of words about us and our mission.

We are a young (err define “young”) family of three. Former passionate travellers and veteran “rbnb” hosts, who travelled and lived in Australia, US, Asia, and across Europe, only to finally settle on a tiny rock in the middle of mediterranean -  Malta.

After establishing a successful online business and starting a family, we were somehow missing adventure in our life. Reminiscing about our old travelling days, we decided to embark on a new mission - to help similar adventurers to have their best holidays in Malta. 

Drawing from our own traveling experiences, we decided to create a place, which would provide an amazing value by combining small perks, our customer focus, awesome local tips and most importantly a beautiful accommodation in our freshly renovated typical Maltese house. 

To put it simply, we find joy in hosting travellers from all around the world while helping them to get the best out of their trip in Malta. And with every happy guest, we are successful. 

But don't take only our word for it...

Malta is waiting for you.